AISD Technology Fees

Effective 2022-2023


  • First lost charger - replaced $0.00
  • Second and beyond lost charger - $15/per charger


  • Primer cargador perdido - reemplazado $0.00
  • Segundo cargador perdido y posteriores - $15.00 por cargador


  • First lost or damaged device -replaced $0.00
  • Second and beyond lost or damaged device - $50.00/per device

Dispositivo (Computadora)

  • Primer dispositivo perdido o dañado - reemplazado $0.00
  • Segundo dispositivo perdido o dañado y posteriores - $50.00 por dispositivo

Here is the Parent/Student Handbook for 2022-2023


Parent Graduation

Parent Involvement Policy

This policy describes how our school will partner with parents to support student academic achievement.

  1. Learning Compact. Barbara Jordan Early College Prep (BJECP) will work with parents to develop a learning compact that outlines how parents, the school, and students will share the responsibility for student academic achievement.
  2. BJECP Responsibilities:
    1. Curriculum. At back-to-school night and during parent-teacher conferences, BJECP will provide all parents a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.
    2. Communication. BJECP will:
      1. Conduct at least two parent-teacher conferences each year;
      2. Provide frequent reports to parents on their children’s progress. This may include: progress reports, report cards, telephone calls, notes, and newsletters; and
      3. Provide parents reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class, and observation of classroom activities.
    3. Parent Education.
      1. Coffee Chats. The Principal will provide monthly information sessions to parents covering a wide-range of academic and social-emotional topics. 
      2. Literacy Night. BJECP will organize an annual literacy night that will provide information about the language arts curriculum by grade-level and how parents can support literacy in the home.
      3. Math Night. BJECP will organize an annual math night that will provide information about the mathematics curriculum by grade-level and how parents can support the development of math skills in the home.
      4. Science Night. BJECP will organize an annual science night that will provide information about the science curriculum by grade-level and how parents can support the development of science skills in the home.
      5. English Class. Parents work with Maestro en Casafrom October to March. In this class, parents learn basic conversation skills that will build communication skills within the community.
      6. Nutrition Class. In this class parents learn the importance of diet and exercise. Furthermore, they learn the importance of prioritizing their time to help implement these lifestyle choices. 
      7. Technology. Parents learn how to access the AISD Parent cloud to better communicate with school and teachers.
    4. Accessibility. The school will provide all important communications in both Spanish and English.
    5. Distribution. BJECP will distribute the Parent Involvement Policy and Learning Compact to each family within the first nine-weeks of the school year.

Parent Input

Parents will be given the opportunity to provide input and make recommendations regarding the Campus Improvement Plan, the Title I program, the Parent Involvement Policy, and the Learning Compact through the Campus Advisory Council, parent-teacher conferences, and at parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings.